Rippe Lifestyle Institute: Collaboration with Weight Watchers

Rippe Lifestyle Institute Collaboration with Weight Watchers International for Research in Healthy Weight Management

Healthy Weight Management has been a longstanding interest of Rippe Lifestyle Institute. In 2004, RLI announced a long-term collaboration with Weight Watchers International in the area of healthy weight management. This collaboration will allow Weight Watchers and Rippe Lifestyle Institute to work together to perform studies that educate individuals about key components of healthy weight management.

In 2004, Rippe Lifestyle Institute submitted six research papers to major academic meetings through the sponsorship of Weight Watchers International as part of this collaboration. These papers explored important topics such as:

  • The effects of exercise during weight management
  • Weight management and reduction of risk for the metabolic syndrome
  • Weight loss and reduction of the inflammatory state (as measured by high sensitivity CRP)
  • Weight management and reduction of risk for heart disease

Through this collaboration, research trials are currently in progress exploring various aspects of healthy weight management.

In addition, Dr. Rippe collaborated with Weight Watchers in 2004 to co-author a book on healthy weight management, "Weight Loss that Lasts" This book dispels some of the common myths that prevent people from achieving healthy weight management. It is the lead title on the J Wiley & Sons Publishers Winter/Spring 2004-2005 list.

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